SMED Training / Set-up Reduction Courses & Consulting

SMED Training

SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) / Set-up Reduction reduces the time it takes to change from one product to another and therefore reduces process downtime. This programme can be delivered as a public, virtual and in-house SMED training course. We also provide SMED / Set-up Reduction consultancy.

The following course will equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to reduce set-up times as they learn-through-doing as they apply the principles to a ‘real’ set-up within your organisation and deliver a ‘real’ improvement on the 2 day programme option. On the 1 day programme the principles are applied to our own set-up reduction example.


Reduced set-up time on 3-axis tube bending machine from 37 minutes to 6 minutes (i.e. 84% reduction) through method improvement alone.

Course Content
  • Benefits of set-up reduction / SMED
  • Forming the set-up reduction / SMED team
  • Filming and observing set-up
  • Documenting and timing set-up steps
  • Converting ‘internal set-up’ to ‘external set-up’
  • Pre-assembly
  • Standard and one touch jigs
  • Adjustment elimination
  • Simplified clamping mechanisms
  • Parallel operations
  • Action planning
  • Set-up procedure documentation and training

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