Time and Motion, Work Study, Productivity Improvement Consultancy

“I feel that staff shouldn’t take as long as they do to carry out certain tasks. If I could improve working methods and work out how long these tasks ‘should’ take with a time and motion study, I could target my staff against these times, improve productivity and resource my area at the appropriate level.” FInancial Services Office Manager

Claudius Consulting support you in finding the optimum method of working and conduct time and motion studies using scientifically derived and verified standard times data for the components of warehousing, office, retail and manufacturing activities to build up ‘should take’ times for observed activities to target staff against.

Our broad sector experience includes:

Retail Customer Services Contact Centre
Increased staff productivity and first time customer query resolution through the implementation of new processes, process aids, robust training and performance management delivering an annual cost saving in excess of £350,000. Derived ‘should take’ times for the resolution of different categories of customer query to target staff against.

Achieved an annual labour and vehicle cost reduction of over £500,000 on the picking of building products. Derived ‘should take’ times for the new picking methods.

Distribution Centre
Increased the volume of parcels sorted pre 22:00 by 12% whilst delivering labour savings equivalent to 3 FTE’s. Derived ‘should take’ times for the new trailer management processes.

Financial Services
Removed work content equivalent to 15 FTE’s through the streamlining and mistake-proofing of administrative processes. Derived ‘should take’ times for the administrative processes.

Delivered financial benefits of £260,000 and volume output increases of over 200% on the assembly of medical devices. Derived ‘should take’ times for the assembly of different device types.

Reduced Nurse Practitioner consultation times in an NHS Walk-In Centre by an average of 3 minutes whilst maintaining quality of advice/treatment provided. Derived ‘should take’ times for the different categories of consultation provided.

Trade Association
Supported the redefinition of roles and responsibilities and improved working methods within the office of a trade association freeing management time and allowing them to have a more strategic focus. Derived ‘should take’ times for the office activities.

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