Training & Consultancy Accreditations

You increase your profitability and growth through our proven capability to deliver consulting excellence

institute-of-consultingOver 95% of consultancies seek no accreditation beyond their own belief in themselves which in too many instances leads to a disappointed client. We have achieved recognised practice status through the Institute of Consulting which is the custodian of professional standards for business consultants. Institute of Consulting recognised practices have demonstrated the ability to deliver impartial, professional and cost-effective interventions with the interest of the client at the centre of their work. This guarantees you are working with a consulting partner meeting stringent industry recognised standards.

Your employees receive industry recognised certification through our curriculum and assessment excellence

The quality and depth of the lean six sigma programme undertaken has a significant impact on the eventual effectiveness of the practitioner and the level of improvements they bring to your business. Our lean six sigma curriculum is in line with the American Society for Quality lean six sigma ‘body of knowledge’ which is also endorsed by the European Organisation for Quality. The fact that we are accredited and licensed to certify in lean six sigma to the British Quality Foundation standards verifies that our curriculum, training, coaching and assessment meet stringent industry recognised standards. It also confirms we follow a certification pathway requiring the delivery of real project work.