A3 Problem Solving - 8 Step Process Improvement Training Course

A3 Problem Solving Training using the 8 Step Process Improvement methodology takes a learning-though-doing workshop approach to solving real process problems and is typically delivered on your site over 2 days. The programme can also be delivered virtually.

On completion of training participants will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of A3 reporting
  • Explain the process of 8 step problem solving
  • Define problems in terms of their business impact
  • Break problems down into their specific components
  • Identify process performance gaps
  • Use analytical tools appropriately
  • Define targets that are relevant and appropriate to resolving problems
  • Determine the root causes of problems
  • Develop relevant and appropriate countermeasures to eliminate problems
  • Ensure countermeasures are implemented
  • Confirm process improvements with data and evidence
  • Modify processes and behaviours to ensure the modified processes are fully adopted and become and remain the new norm

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