Improvement Technician, Practitioner, Specialist & Leader Apprenticeship Standard in Lean Six Sigma

Improvement Technician, Practitioner, Specialist & Leader Apprenticeship Standards in Lean Six Sigma are now offered by Claudius Consulting via in-house, virtual and public training programmes. Our unique high quality programmes allow employees to meet the appropriate Apprenticeship Level 3/4/5/6 standard whilst also achieving highly regarded British Quality Foundation (BQF) Yellow, Green, Black or Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Certification.

If you are an employer with an annual wage bill of more than £3m, you pay an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5% on payroll collected through PAYE. Levy funds are collected every month by HMRC and held in your Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) online account. You can use this to pay for Improvement Apprenticeships. Apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers or young people. Improvement Apprenticeships are for anybody who’s role involves improving organisational performance with programme participants performing a range of operational, technical, facilitation and leadership roles.

We offer the following 4 Improvement Apprenticeship Standard programmes which can be Apprenticeship Levy Funded:

  • Improvement TECHNICIAN Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3) Lean Six Sigma YELLOW BELT
  • Improvement PRACTITIONER Apprenticeship Standard (Level 4) – Lean Six Sigma GREEN BELT
  • Improvement SPECIALIST Apprenticeship Standard (Level 5) Lean Six Sigma BLACK BELT
  • Improvement LEADER Apprenticeship Standard (Level 6) Lean Six Sigma MASTER BLACK BELT

We have tutor led virtual programmes beginning SEPTEMBER 2021 for all levels so please get in touch if this is of interest to you.

‘Lean Six Sigma’ is powerful combination of the ‘Lean’ and ‘Six Sigma’ methodologies. ‘Lean’ has a focus on eliminating process waste, increasing process speed and minimising lead times. ‘Six Sigma’ has a focus on eliminating process defects and process variation. The principles are applicable to both the manufacturing and service sectors.

On completion of the Improvement Apprenticeships, participants will be able to:

  • Ensure their improvement projects are linked to the achievement of their organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Capture the ‘Voice of the Customer’ to ensure any potential business process changes are aligned to customer requirements
  • Apply the simple, robust, structured and proven approach of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve & Control) to process improvement
  • Apply project management, change management and financial project appraisal techniques
  • Move from a ‘Functional’ to a ‘Value Stream’ view of the organisation where stakeholders work together collectively to remove waste from the ‘Value Stream’
  • Understand ‘Process Behaviour’ through effective measurement and data analysis
  • Prioritise opportunities for process improvement
  • Develop ‘Permanent Corrective Actions’ for process failures
  • Select and use the appropriate Lean Six Sigma tools to reduce variation, defects, cycle times, lead times, waste and costs within their processes
  • Influence organisational culture and employee behaviour towards supporting Lean Six Sigma
  • Ensure process improvements are sustained through the use of a ‘Control Plan’

The benefits of the Improvement Technician, Practitioner, Specialist & Leader Apprenticeship Standards is that they support:

  • Development of internal capability to deliver process improvements on an ongoing and sustainable basis
  • Development of a ‘Continuous Improvement Culture’
  • ’Financial benefits delivery i.e. revenue improvement, cost reductions and cost avoidance

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